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The Miracle of "Beitou Stone"

Hokutolite is a kind of hot spring stones formed after hundreds of years of sedimentation and crystallization. Hokutolite was discovered in Beitou Hot Spring in Taiwan in 1905 and Tamagawa Hot Spring in Japan in 1916 respectively. Because of its rarity and preciousness, hokutolite was originally named after Beitou in Taiwan in 1912. It contains traces of "Radium" which emits healing and has restorative properties beneficial to human health. Beitou in Taiwan and Tamagawa in Japan are the only two places in the world currently where hokutolite are confirmed to be found, nevertheless though yet to be confirmed, there were traces of Hokutolite discovered in Chile, South America as well. Both Taiwan and Japan have listed hokutolite as a national treasure and also designated these areas as a nation’s natural monument.

The "Beitou Stone" was discovered in the year 1905 by a Japanese technician, named Mr. Okamoto Yohachiro, where he found crystalize deposits of minerals containing radium in the gravel surfaces and gaps of the Beitou River. In 1912, Professor Shen Bao Xiaohu from Tokyo, Japan, attended the International Minerals Conference in St. Petersburg and announced his research findings and named the new found mineral as "Hokutolite".

Hokutolite is a dense crystalize minerals found in the hot springs riverbeds of Beitou that has accumulated over a hundred years. Hokutolite is a formation of yellow and white husks on the gravel of its riverbeds. Nevertheless, the environment and water quality conditions has to be strictly ideal for it’s proper formation. It takes about 130 years for each crystal to be formed into a length of one centimetre, and to have a large Beitou stone with a size of a fist, it will take at least five to six hundred years to formed it.

National Treasures of Japan

Since the discovery of Hoikutolite until today, it has been scientifically proven of its effects and benefits by various research professionals to test its helpfulness in terms of eliminating harmful substances from the body, where toxic heavy metals are being successfully expelled while injured body parts are able to undergo a rejuvenated healing process.

Japanese Dr. Nojima Takeshi-- believes that the traces of radium, the negative ions and the infrared rays emitted from the Beitou Stone will facilitate detoxification naturally and promotes a healthy well-being to those expose to it.

Studies made by a University in Japan, has also discovered that these Beitou Stones are able to stimulate better blood flow, and brings about an improved metabolism and circulation.

It is also recorded in the book "Amazing Tamagawa Spa Therapy“ that when the Beitou stones are placed in a bath, the body warms up and begins to sweat to a level that relieves the body and mind. It stabilizes moods and has a very comforting experience, hence giving it another named as the "medicine stone".

After gaining attention from the scientific research community, the Beitou stone and it’s healing properties was officially endorsed in Japan in 1943. In 1996, more scientific papers begin to be published and verifies the positive effects of these hot spring stones and its thermotherapy energy on human health. In Taiwan, Dr. Lee Yuan-Tseh, a Former President of the Academia Sinica of Taiwan, also published his thesis in 1962 about “The Radioactivity Study of a Beitou Stone" confirming its medicinal and scientific value to the human body.

With an ever growing popularity of stone baths around the world, more and more of such services are appearing on the market.

Nevertheless at Day More’s Stone Bath spas, we offer you only premium and rare Beitou stones comprising of 5 different stones in a rock plate that truly feels comforting and natural to the body. Enjoy the miracle of nature that brings good health, deep relaxation and a detoxifying sweating experience. It’s definitely a Day More Spa experience that you must enjoy at least once in your lifetime!

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