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Stone Spa Therapy

In Japanese, it's called がんばんよく
Daymore Spa

Designed to be spacious and for leisure, while the temperature is set at a soothing heat of 40 °C, and the humidity adjusted between 60-70%. The warm environment remains gentle, soothing and still breathable, hence making it truly enjoyable and comfortable while one sweats away.

Ideal for ladies who wants to rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of a hectic day, while still wanting to enjoy it in the companion of sisters.

Oval Shaped Stone Spa

A personal private sanctuary for those seeking some quiet time to themselves while enjoying the full health benefits of a Stone Bath. Similarly crafted in the spirit of Traditional Japanese craftsmanship, this room is simple, elegant and are embrace by the scent of wood in the air.

A semi-cylindrical dome design covers the entire body, offering a concentrated warm enclosure to hasten the sweating effect.

Ideal for those who wishes to sneak in, and escape from the everyday busyness of work and city life.

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