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The Beginning


The main reason why the Tamagawa Onsen is famous, is its unique healing nature of that area. Its unlike any other hot springs that you may commonly know of. Many are gathered here for the purpose of health rejuvenation and recovery.

According to Japanese history, in about 1680, local hunters accidentally discovered that animals instinctively know how to heal their wounds and recover their physical strength by laying on the stones by the hot springs. The locals also followed suit by laying on these warm stones as well. They immediately experience a lot of sweat, and miraculously got recovered too. The locals refer to this miraculous place as a dry bath area and labelled it as a dry hot spring experience.

In addition, there was a woman who lived during the Edo period, suffering from depression and has been ill for a long time. She often went to the valley of Tamagawa Hot Springs to meditate and rest. Unexpectedly, her depression and constant headache that had troubled her for the longest time began to ease, and finally she was completely cured of it.

News of healing miracles from this hot spring spread and soon the hot spring became a popular scene with many laying around on straw mats or blankets around the hot spring canyon, allowing the heat and micro-radiation from the ground to warm their bodies and sweat out toxins. Many reports of improved physical condition, higher clarity of mind and felt more spiritual.

Scientists confirms that the radium contained in the ore around the canyon area is responsible for the releasing of large amount of far infrared rays and negative ions when heated by the volcanic geothermal heat, a substance which can effectively increase metabolism, promotes natural healing, improves vitality, eliminate fatigue and excrete toxins from the body.

This discovery led the Japanese to begin researching the benefits of radium to the body. In 1943, the "Tamagawa Hot Spring” Researchers established the authenticity of energy emitted from thermotherapy has a positive effect on human health. Hence after, the Stone Spa therapy was introduced.

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